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#52for22 - what’s new for 2023?

My New Year’s resolution for 2022 was about doing new things. 52 new things to be precise. I was feeling the impact of two years of Covid-reduced horizons and felt a need to experience some different things. I wrote a list of ideas - some quite cliched (learning to dance a

‘proper’ dance, language learning), some about pushing myself out of my comfort zone (high ropes), some about connecting with my kids (gaming, a colour run). Turns out I did quite a few things, but I failed miserably to write them down, or Tweet them or whatever I had originally intended. (A lucky escape, some might say!)

But starting my own social enterprise and launching a whole new programme (the Young Green Briton Challenge) didn’t feature anywhere on the list. They have been the two most amazing experiences of 2022 that have pushed me way out of my comfort zone, taught me to learn lots of new skills and introduced me to an inspirational group of people. I have Caspian Woods, Laura Dempsey and Rebecca Deegan to thank for convincing me to take the leap and providing so much practical help along the way. The learning curve is immense - learning how to use book-keeping software, running payroll, designing a website, creating videos in Canva, writing a whole raft of policies and procedures. And that’s just the basics of existence! The real fun starts in designing a new programme for the Green Britain Foundation, learning from and with Paul Turner of the Ministry of Eco Education, Rebecca and Laura. How to convince schools to be part of a pilot year, how to write curriculum aligned materials and how to deliver workshops to school halls full of 11-14 year olds.

Some of my takeaways from 2022

  • If you feel excitement slightly tinged by terror you are probably successfully stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  • Surround yourself with people who match your energy and that you can learn from.

  • When you are doing new things, you don’t know what you don’t know! Be ‘prepared’ for the things you have forgotten to do and will need to execute at pace.

Looking to 2023 the focus will change from start-up into delivery - working with and and learning from young people and delivering impact at individual and community level. We will be delivering workshops to thousands of young people across the UK, developing and hosting a national awards event for the Young Green Briton Challenge, launching a new Social Innovation for All pilot in primary schools. And these are just the things I know about.

Oh and I’ve also signed up to DuoLingo in an attempt to actually stick to my goal around Spanish learning this year.

What new things are you planning to try in 2023?

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