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The Young Green Briton Challenge

Social Innovation for All is a founding partner of the Young Green Briton Challenge, a national platform to nurture, support and celebrate youth-led, school-based climate action.

This exciting new initiative combines climate education with innovation, design, and changemaking. The Challenge empowers students to create local climate action projects, fostering the development of transferable green skills. YGBC is accredited by the Skills Builder Partnership and aligned with Gatsby Benchmark 5, supporting employability skills. 

Each participating school selects a whole year group (Years 7-10) to participate in the Challenge. Students explore local climate and sustainability issues before forming teams to design solutions. These could be awareness campaigns, community projects, or even mini-businesses. The most promising teams receive funding to put their ideas into action, creating real change in their communities.

In two years of piloting we have worked with over 6,000 students in 23 diverse schools across England and are really proud of the emerging evidence from students:

  • Knowledge: 91% increased their understanding of climate change

  • Skills: 80% learnt skills they think will help them in future 

  • Hope: 82% feel they can make a positive contribution to addressing climate change

The Young Green Briton Challenge is a powerful collaboration born from the shared vision of four organisations: Social Innovation for All, GenEarth, Ministry of Eco Education and the Green Britain Foundation. United by our passion for climate action and youth empowerment, we came together in 2022 with a simple yet ambitious goal: to create something bigger than they could achieve alone.

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