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Introducing Primary Pioneers

Primary Pioneers is a new programme created by Social Innovation for All and we are really excited to have received an RSA Catalyst Award to pilot it during 2023. This new social innovation programme aims to work with 9-11 year olds, focusing first on Year 6 pupils preparing to transition to secondary school. The programme is designed to help pupils build transferable skills, agency, and citizenship, using design thinking to engage young people in identifying and developing solutions to issues they identify and care about within their local communities. Primary Pioneers builds transferable skills, whilst creating positive social impact and inspiring the next generation of social innovators.

In this first pilot we will be focusing on ideas that students have to improve their local environment, culminating with presentations to other students, parents, local environmental groups and local councillors.

We will be working with 3 primary schools - two in West Sussex and one in Brighton between May and July 2023, engaging over 200 Year 6 students. The aim is to build a replicable model that can focus on the local environment or broader local social issues.

Please get in touch to learn more.

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