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Our Work

We design programmes. We deliver workshops in schools and other youth settings. We design curricula, toolkits and resources. We train facilitators. We advise on how you can incorporate social innovation, social enterpreneurship or a challenge into your existing programmes.  

Young Green Briton Challenge logo

The Young Green Briton Challenge

This exciting new pilot combines climate education with green changemaking. In its 2022-23 pilot year we reached nearly 3,000 young people across 16 diverse schools across England. The Challenge enables secondary school students aged 11-14 to learn and apply design, innovation, business and other transferable skills. Young people explore local climate and sustainability issues, receiving funding and mentorship to design and implement entrepreneurial solutions or campaigns to address the problems they identify. The Young Green Briton Challenge is delivered as a partnership between Social Innovation for All, Volunteers for Future, the Ministry of Eco Education and the Green Britain Foundation.

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A wide angled picture of all students who participated in the National awards event at the House of Lords for the Young Green Briton Challenge finals
A picutre of a Young Green Briton Challenge facilitator and two volunteer mentors
Primary Pioneers logo

Primary Pioneers / eco pioneers

Primary Pioneers is a social innovation programme aimed at students in upper primary (aged 9-11). It was piloted in 2023 with over 200 Year 6 pupils preparing to transition to secondary school. The programme is designed to help pupils build transferable skills, agency, and citizenship, using design thinking to engage young people in identifying and developing solutions to issues they identify and care about within their local communities. The programme culminates in a presentation of ideas to local decision makers, including councillors, community groups, school leadership and parents. The Primary Pioneers programme builds transferable skills, whilst creating positive social impact and inspiring the next generation of social innovators. The Eco Pioneers programme includes climate education and focuses on developing local environmental solutions.

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School workshops

We deliver learning experiences that build skills and agency for children and young people, ranging from half a day to multi-day workshops. 

Read more about the Parklife project where Year 3 from John Donne School in Peckham researched parks and thought about different users before presenting their park transformation proposals to their local Councillor. We worked in partnership with Volunteers for Future, I Have a Voice and Goldsmiths University.

Class of students in a South London primary school meeting their councillor to share ideas to improve their local park

consultancy, training & toolkits

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship can add depth and value to youth skilling and entrepreneurship programmes. With experience of designing and delivering social innovation programmes and social entrepreneurship challenges across more than 50 countries, we can help you to co-create and achieve your objectives.  

Image of Kat Crisp talking at an event with a slide that shows the magic happens when you leave your comfort zone
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